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    You need to write like a native in English?

    Let us help. You wrote it badly. We’ll make it perfect.

    Email: textguru@gmail.com
    Phone: +36 20 468 4949

About Us

Native English language experts... We have:

  • History

    English proofreading since 1996.
    Based in Budapest and Vienna

  • Professionalism

    we know how to re-write

  • Effectiveness

    Fast task completion
    at FAIR prices

  • Experience

    We know the typical
    mistakes you make

  • No limits

    No task is too big or too tricky for us.
    We have a sense of humour…

  • A broad portfolio

    Websites, contracts, tenders, film-scripts, books, brochures,
    reports, theses – anything in English…

How we work

Maybe you wrote: “Today morning I have needed to send the reply for her until 11.00.”
We correct it thus: “This morning I had to reply to her by 11am.”

Maybe you wrote: “In case it would arrive in 06/07/2017 we will to confirm.”
We correct it thus: “If it arrives on 6th July 2017, we will confirm this.”

Maybe you wrote: “Item nr. 210: Send also 45.000 forint, a bill, the LX33 report for the client.”
We correct it thus: “Item No. 201: Also send to the client: HUF 45,000 – and an invoice and report LX33

Our e-mail address: textguru@gmail.com
Our phone number: +36 30 559 4190


OTP Real Estate Branch

KPMG Ltd. Hungary

Hungarian Software Testing Board

Sarospatak Tourist Board

Lufthansa GmbH

F+T Translation House, Budapest


Austrian Golf Federation

Danubius Hotels

MLSZ Hun. Football Federation

And many others...


From POOR original
From GOOD original
1-300 words
3.8 From POOR original
3.3 From GOOD original
301-3000 words
3.6 From POOR original
3.1 From GOOD original
3001+ words
3.4 From POOR original
2.9 From GOOD original

All prices are in HUF/word.

Your deadline is under 12 hours/Weekends/Evenings: +20%
Minimum fee: HUF 2000  Prices include VAT
Part-payment in advance by bank transfer. We can provide VAT invoices in Hungary.


Language correction, grammar correction, english language text correction

We are one Englishman and one Australian but now live in Budapest and Vienna, both happily settled. After some years as language/linguistics teachers, amateur journalists and hobby writers, we decided to help where much help is needed around Central Europe, so we’ll help you, the non-native needing to write in English, sometimes badly. Crazily, we don’t seem to get bored of re-writing past simples into present perfects or changing until’s into by’s. We are on a mission, so it seems…